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Flow XS – Michael Scheitzbach and Kevin Scheitzbach

Michael (Hydroflow) and Kevin (Kid XS) are the duo “Flow XS”.  These brothers are professional dancers and choreographers from Brampton, Ontario, Canada.    While they have trained in various genres of dance, they focus mainly on commercial dance choreography.   They are dance captains for The Vibe Xclusive (George Jones Jr.), members of E3 Montreal (Giulia Tripoli), R2D faculty, the 8th Union Crew, alumni for Dark Dance Industry Team, Toronto Industry Elite, ImmaBeast and Monsters of Hip Hop Show Cast (Driven, 2016). They can be seen on Disney’s Zombies and Zombies 2, The Next Step, Make it Pop, Backstage, Rookie Blue, RocKids TV, music videos and commercials and have performed live at the MMVAs with Avril Lavigne,  Austin Mahone and Julius Wilson.  They travel throughout Canada and the United States and assist choreographers at Monsters of Hip Hop Conventions, Jump Dance Conventions and Dancerpalooza (Nika Kljun), as well as being Nex-us proteges (2019). Individually and together, they have won several awards and scholarships including Manifesto Toronto’s “Up Next Dancer Under 18” award (2013 and 2012) and were the featured cover story of Canada’s National Just Dance magazine, Summer 2017 edition.  They represented Team Canada at the IDO Hip Hop Championships in Germany (2019) winning a bronze medal in small group, 9th in duos and 6th in Electric Boogaloo solo (Michael).   They have performed and choreographed at Toronto Choreographer’s Ball, Fever after Dark and Carnival New York and Los Angeles.   Currently, they teach workshops, guest choreograph and teach beginner hip hop, intermediate/advanced jazz funk and advanced commercial choreography classes at the Underground Dance Centre in Toronto and have taught at several Millennium Dance Complex centres.


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The Talented Nature and Nurture of FlowXS

When you think of famous siblings in entertainment, it’s likely the actors who come to mind: Hemsworth, Gyllenhaal, Affleck, and Olsen. Music has their Allmans, Jacksons, and Gallaghers but not since the Nicholas Brothers danced with Cab Calloway has the modern world seen a duo like FlowXS aka Michael and Kevin Scheitzbach.

Danceplug: The Assist with FlowXS

Kicking off Season 2 is the dynamic duo, Flow XS. Originating in Brampton, Ontario, their unique advantage lies in the fact that they are brothers who have trained together for over 10 years, dancing on studio, competitive and performance teams. 

The future is bright for FlowXS

Breakaway Daily spoke with Michael “Hydroflow” and Kevin “Kid XS” about their achievements so far, what’s next, and why being a sibling dance team is so special in our exclusive interview.

The FlowXS of  ZOMBIES 2

Not since “Thriller” have you seen nightmarish creatures move with such grace to create such a dazzling spectacle. Michael Scheitzbach and Kevin Scheitzbach (also known as dance due FlowXS) appear in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S- 2 as these ironically graceful undead/cursed beings (and others).

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